yellows 2

YELLOWS provide for us the gifts of OPTIMISM and ENTHUSIASM. They are the most extroverted of the 4 colors, and quite naturally, people are just drawn to their contagious positivity. They are the life of the party and teach us how to enjoy the present moment. Yellows are the salt of life, bringing flavor to the rest of us who can be way too serious at times.

But with every gift comes Limitations that can prevent successful relationships if we aren’t careful. With the energy and enthusiasm that Yellows bring, the following Limitations can also pop up:

  • Uncommitted
  • Disorganized & Unfocused
  • Impulsive
  • Vain and Self-centered
  • Afraid to face facts
  • Interrupting

The Goal is to learn how to leverage your Strengths – and even learn how to harness the Strengths of the other colors – while learning how to control the Limitations that may be preventing you from healthy, successful relationships.