“Great experience working with Jenny!! Her rates are very reasonable. She stays focused on the subject matter and doesn’t waste your time. She is great at giving guidance and pushing you towards taking action.”
—Gulnar M.

“Jenny has brought much needed focus to a business full of young leaders who need the hands-on coaching she provides. With her passionate and skillful coaching, she has guided these leaders in their present and future goals. Jenny is able to handle the tough conversations with tact and clarity; her coaching is heartfelt and genuine, allowing for the healthy development of those she is coaching. I would recommend Jenny to anyone who is needing a life or business coach to bring clarity to the constant challenges of our world.”
—David S.  – Director of Operations – Chick-fil-A

The Color Code changed my life, quite literally.  I have gained invaluable insight into my family, my co-workers, and myself that had I not been exposed to The Color Code, I would still be confused.”
–Toni B.

“When my wife and I discovered how the differences in our personalities could be explained through The Color Code, it greatly enhanced our understanding of each other’s needs and wants.  Color and Character Coding has indeed enhanced our marriage relationship.  Our first four children are all different colors.  Knowing this has helped us as parents communicate more effectively with all of them.”
–Scott S.

“This helped me more than you’ll ever know.  Now I know why I am the way I am!”
“It will help me relate to and approach my crew better.”
“Best training we’ve ever had!”
–Nordstrom Employees

“Our staff is now practicing different communication skills based on how their co-workers and clients process information and they are seeing remarkable results in the form of better cooperation and productivity.  Staff morale has greatly improved and spontaneous functional teams are developing to work together towards common goals.  We’ve tried other programs before such as Meyers Briggs or DiSC, but they cannot begin to compete nor can they deliver the types of results that we have seen in working with MOTIVE and The Color Code.”
–Therese D. – Chief Operating Officer – Share Our Selves

“Employee—employer relationships take on a new, productive direction and people in general begin to recognize their own value and self-worth.  I feel that all individuals deserve to become familiar with this work.”
–Rebecca C. – Educational Resources Training and Development

“I am a Marketing and Business Education instructor at Central Washington University.  After reading The Color Code and applying it to virtually everyone I know, I feel that its simplicity and its motive-based perspective make it more accurate, effective, easier to understand, and therefore more practical than other inventories such as Meyers-Briggs or Strong-Campbell.”
–Bill C. – President – Chandler & Brooks Creative

“We have implemented The Color Code into our student leadership programs now for several years, because of one reason – results!”  We’ve been through DiSC and Meyers-Briggs and believe me when I say that those programs can’t even come close to achieving what Color Code can.  To illustrate, through understanding and implementation of The Color Code, we have experienced a 50% decline in the instances of conflict we deal with in our office.  In addition, the level and effectiveness of general communication has increased by at least 35%, and through understanding MOTIVE our leaders have been more efficient and productive by at least three times!  We recommend this program to anyone who is serious in wanting to achieve bottom-line results.”
–Bob R. – Dean of Students – Utah Valley State College

“What started as a 4-hour presentation has now turned into an operating philosophy of tolerance and understanding.  People on our staff are communicating better with each other because they are looking at themselves first rather than at the person with whom they are having the conflict.  It has also been a great tool for the management team.  We have incorporated The Color Code into hiring practices as well as into our employee evaluations.”
— William B. – Director Patient Administration – Intermountain Health Care

The Color Code had enriched my life and hundreds of people that I have had the opportunity to teach over the last few years.  I am a RED and it has been a great blessing to understand my BLUE wife and WHITE and YELLOW children as I have been able to relate in ways only made possible by my knowledge of their needs, wants, and most importantly, their MOTIVES.”
–Paul W., Ed.D.