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Are you in a “rut”? Are you just somehow unsettled with where you are in life, but have no idea why or how to make it better? Are you having trouble breaking out of the routine day-to-day in order to make it to the next level of success? Together, let’s uncover your innate driving core motive and learn how to leverage your own innate gifts to empower you on your journey. We will create a vision for your future and map out a SMART Action Plan to help propel you there. Additionally, you will learn how to “speak the language” of the other color personalities that exist, helping you to move through this world with more confidence and ease. Dare to walk the Charactered Path, and unleash a more powerful “you”.

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Available in the following formats:

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  • Weekly Sessions of 30 minutes each
  • Bi-weekly Sessions of 30 minutes each
  • Bi-weekly Sessions of 45 minutes each


People seek personal coaching for a variety of reasons, which may include:

  • Career goals
  • Self-improvement goals (losing weight, education, etc)
  • Finding a mate/life partner
  • Better organization at home
  • Time management
  • Better relationships
  • And many others



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Find out how Personal Coaching via the Charactered Path can change your quality of life!

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“Great experience working with Jenny!! Her rates are very reasonable. She stays focused on the subject matter and doesn’t waste your time. She is great at giving guidance and pushing you towards taking action.”
—Gulnar M.

“The Color Code changed my life, quite literally.  I have gained invaluable insight into my family, my co-workers, and myself that had I not been exposed to The Color Code, I would still be confused.”
–Toni B.

“The Color Code had enriched my life and hundreds of people that I have had the opportunity to teach over the last few years.  I am a RED and it has been a great blessing to understand my BLUE wife and WHITE and YELLOW children as I have been able to relate in ways only made possible by my knowledge of their needs, wants, and most importantly, their MOTIVES.”
–Paul W., Ed.D