teamwork (at work)




Teams function best when each person feels valued and engaged, and the fastest route to both of those is through leveraging personal strengths. Through the COLOR YOUR CHARACTER Program, uncover each person’s innate driving core motive, and with it, their innate gifts and limitations. This program will not only help each person to understand himself/herself better, but each person on your team will learn how to better communicate with other personalities different from their own. The COLOR YOUR CHARACTER Program also teaches personal responsibility and accountability; your team will learn how their actions and behaviors are perceived by those around them and then learn how to change those perceptions by making different choices that serve the greater good of the team versus their own selfish motives.

If you find that your team is “broken” and disengaged, that the systems you are trying to implement are failing despite the lack of planning and dollars spent on high-end consultants and programs, or that some people on your team just don’t “get it” when dealing with others, the COLOR YOUR CHARACTER Program could be the gamechanging catalyst you need to propel your team forward toward success!



Available in a variety of formats, including one-hour Lunch-n-Learn or introductory session, 3-hour full workshop with interactive exercises, and a full-day intensive. Multi-week format also available (i.e. 45 min or 1 hour per week for 4-6 weeks).

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“Jenny has brought much needed focus to a business full of young leaders who need the hands-on coaching she provides. With her passionate and skillful coaching, she has guided these leaders in their present and future goals. Jenny is able to handle the tough conversations with tact and clarity; her coaching is heartfelt and genuine, allowing for the healthy development of those she is coaching. I would recommend Jenny to anyone who is needing a life or business coach to bring clarity to the constant challenges of our world.”
—David S. – Director of Operations – Chick-fil-A

“This helped me more than you’ll ever know.  Now I know why I am the way I am!”
“It will help me relate to and approach my crew better.”
“Best training we’ve ever had!”
–Nordstrom Employees

“Our staff is now practicing different communication skills based on how their co-workers and clients process information and they are seeing remarkable results in the form of better cooperation and productivity.  Staff morale has greatly improved and spontaneous functional teams are developing to work together towards common goals.  We’ve tried other programs before such as Meyers Briggs or DiSC, but they cannot begin to compete nor can they deliver the types of results that we have seen in working with MOTIVE andThe Color Code.”
–Therese D. – Chief Operating Officer – Share Our Selves