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Together you will walk through the 6 steps that will guide down a “charactered” path – one that serves your partner (and those around you) while also valuing who you are, what you bring to the table, and finding balance between competing priorities. Uncover each other’s core color, and unlock the key to each other’s “heart language”. While there are no good or bad pairings where the colors are concerned, there are easier or more natural pairings versus those that are naturally more difficult. Learn how to communicate with each other using the “language” of each other’s color, and take your relationship to the next level of intimacy and understanding.

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Available in a variety of formats, including one-hour Lunch-n-Learn or introductory session, 3-hour full workshop with interactive exercises, and a full-day intensive. Multi-week format also available (i.e. 45 min or 1 hour per week for 4-6 weeks).

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“When my wife and I discovered how the differences in our personalities could be explained through The Color Code, it greatly enhanced our understanding of each other’s needs and wants.  Color and Character Coding has indeed enhanced our marriage relationship.  Our first four children are all different colors.  Knowing this has helped us as parents communicate more effectively with all of them.”   —Scott S.