from brene brown 2

Do you find yourself with troubled or failed relationships with those around you? Maybe you have conflict with folks at work, maybe you are having trouble connecting with your spouse or partner, or maybe you’ve had a falling out with a friend. Many times when our relationships fail to “work,” we blame the other person. And while they are likely not without fault, the truth is that WE probably had equal responsibility in the conflict or failure.

The reality is that we are unknowingly putting traits out there that are limiting us from having successful relationships. The conflict or barrier occurs many times occurs from how we are PERCEIVED, and how people are reacting to what they have perceived your intention to be. Each of the four personality types has a Driving Core Motive – a reason to make the choices they make (i.e. WHY they do what they do). With each Driving Core Motive (or, DCM) comes a very particular bag of personality traits – both positive and negative. Understanding what traits are likely to pop up with each personality style allows one to step back and not take things so personally, because these behaviors are expected from this personality type. When the negative traits pop up, that person is likely under stress – but by understanding how to speak their language, you can connect with them and turn the situation around versus reacting with your own negative traits.

The COLOR YOUR CHARACTER program helps folks to understand how their actions and behaviors are perceived by others, and how to change those perceptions by making different choices. Each participant will learn their innate personality style, and along with it their DCM (Driving Core Motive) and the personality traits they are likely to be “presenting” to those around them. We then walk through the six steps toward a “charactered” path – a personality that demonstrates strengths from all 4 of the personality styles, while working to overcome the limitations (or negative traits) holding you back from successful relationships.

The foundation of the COLOR YOUR CHARACTER program is living a life of service – a character that serves those around them versus serving their own selfish motives. We will seek to understand and accept certain universal truths about interpersonal relationships, as well as work to “clean up” our motives – recognizing that even feelings of fear and a need for recognition/approval are “dirty” motives. This life-changing program also teaches participants how to value themselves and set boundaries that promote respect and trust, as well as how to discover balance between priorities and decide which priorities are most important to their overall mission and vision for life.

Are you ready to…

  • Open lines of communication with those around you?
  • Reduce conflict and tension with those you don’t “get”?
  • Repair a broken relationship?
  • Live a more compassionate life that serves your community and those around you?
  • Stop running the “rat race” to success and enjoy the moment?
  • Stop the “people-pleasing” that is draining your energy and spirit?
  • Give more of your time and energy to those you love most?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then the COLOR YOUR CHARACTER program can be the gamechanging catalyst needed to break the cycle and start writing a new story for your life!

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